North Korean dog soup

North Korean DOG SOUP

               Bosintang (boshintang) (보신탕; 補身湯) or gaejangguk (개장국), called dangogiguk (단고기국) in North Korea, is a Korean soup that includes dog meat as its primary ingredient The soup has been claimed to provide increased virility. The meat is boiled with vegetables such as green onions, perilla leaves, and dandelions, and spices such as Doenjang (된장), Gochujang (고추장), and perilla seed powder. It is seasoned with Agastache rugosa before eating. The dish, one of the most common Korean foods made from dog meat, has a long history in Korean culture, but has in recent years been criticized both inside and outside Korea by people with a food taboo on dog meat.

Photo made by @benediktas.gylys

Dog meat (of which Boshintang is one of the most commonly served dishes) is still regularly consumed and can be found easily at many restaurants across South Korea. In 2006 it was, in fact, the 4th most commonly consumed meat in South Korea, after beef, chicken and pork (an industry value of 1.4 trillion won).

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